Pro Golfer Bubba Watson Chooses Rapping Over Wrapping This Christmas


Here at NMR we spend each and every day simmering in a chunky stew of internet video. Obviously that’s a weird metaphor, but I’m too lazy to change it and the point remains that we consider ourselves experts on the topic of viral videos. Still, every now and then something comes along that makes even our jaded hearts say “Huh? What? WHY?!” Today that video is “Bubbaclaus The Single” the latest musical offering from pro golfer Bubba Watson.We’re not sure how to rate Watson’s “rapping” skills but he’s got a life-sized Gumby and his call-outs to his personal hovercraft are next-level, so who are we to judge.

To be fair, it seems like Bubba is just a genuine certified Christmas enthusiast. The “Bubbaclaus” persona is the latest evolution of his annual twitter hashtag game. Bubba asks his fans to share Christmas memories and wishes under the hashtag #Bubbaclaus and even makes some of those wishes come true, buying gifts for a lucky few. We reached out to Bubba to find out what inspired him to take Bubbaclaus to the next level but he might be too busy checking his naughty and nice lists and tuning up his hovercraft to get back to us. Until then all we can do is tip our hates to Bubba Watson, pro-golfer, Christmas icon, and perhaps budding rap star.


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