Ripping Off McDonalds For Free Food: 5 Cringe Vids

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I guess there’s some cool cache in getting free food — I used to have a buddy who worked at a fast food joint and would hand free bags of food out the drive-thru window to us. But that was when I was in high school and not even the later years of high school, so this just comes off as embarrassing when you see these grown-ass men panicking about making off with $6 worth of free food. And then filming it and posting it online, like it’s something to brag about. I promise, it isn’t. So this is more of a Wall of Shame than Wall of Fame, but here are five videos of people ripping off McDonalds. React however you deem fit.

5. Most Needlessly Complex Scam Ever

4. This Guy Probably Doesn’t Need Any More McDonalds

3. Dork is SUPER NERVOUS About Ripping Off Free Ice Cream

2. Dork Is Back, Acting Super Cool With A Friend

1. Car Full of Losers Act Like They Pulled Off Major Heist

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