Rooster Teeth Goes Family Friendly With New Channel

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During NMR’s recent interview with Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, two of Rooster Teeth’s principal founders, we asked if the company was trying to move away from the “Rooster Teeth = Cock Bite” image. They swore they weren’t, and now they’ve gone and launched a family friendly channel that steers well clear of anything thought to be more traditionally Rooster Teeth. Maybe the thinking is that kids — and, more importantly, their parents — will just find “Rooster Teeth” to be a funny, harmless name. Good luck with that.

The new channel, called Game Kids, will be a series of Lets Plays from less violent, more wholesome games (like The Sims), and not so much their expletive-filled rants like from their popular gamer series Rage Quit.

“Our goal is to create family friendly content for all ages. Basically, I want to make content that my daughter can watch,” Geoffrey Ramsay, another principal founder, mentioned in a Q&A with the Guardian, et al. “The content is meant to appeal to a younger audience. I don’t want a seven year old kid watching a Game Kids video, then watching Rage Quit. I also don’t want that kid’s parents to murder me.”

Rooster Teeth, who has had a massively good year with initial filming likely having just wrapped on their first feature film, has over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and recently was acquired by Fullscreen. Game Kids though, has, according to Ramsay, been in the works for years though. So don’t call this a channel-growth gimmick — call it a broader step into making Rooster Teeth a household name. A funny-sounding, meaningless household name.


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