Secret SEX Codes Deciphered! – #NEWS

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Secret sex codes and a story about an anaconda – the perfect combination of headlines for this week’s #News. Gabe Hohreiter tackles CNN’s recent story about “28 internet acronyms every parent should know” (including texting slang like IWSN, NIFOC and THOT) before moving on to the Discovery Channel clickbait show “Eaten Alive” in which naturalist/explorer Paul Rosolie promised to be eaten alive by a giant anaconda and then was totally not eaten alive by a giant anaconda – what a ripoff. And then there’s something about “estrogen muffins.” Just watch the video.


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Executive Producer: Jeben Berg


Host: Gabe Hohreiter

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Directed by: Filup Molina
Producer: Jenni Powell
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines

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