See 2014 Through The All-Seeing Eye Of Google


It’s odd to think about how much Google knows about us. The tech giant the operates the world’s most used search engine also presides over the largest trove privately held trove of customer data on Earth. As we start to look back on 2014 it occurs to me that no one is in a better position to assess what kind of year it’s been than Google. Fortunately the good people at Google thought the same thing.

In a new video “Year In Search” Google went through their search data to figure out what it is we as people were looking for this year. It turns out we search for answers to problems, for memories good and bad, and for stories to raise our spirits. We searched for lost legends like Joan Rivers, Maya Angelou, and Robin Williams and for answers to global problems like Ebola, but also to learn about the forward march of science and triumphs of human spirit. It may seem crass to look to a corporation for insight, but “search” is an aspirational word. So as we sit around our screens compiling our best and worst lists for the year, it’s seems worthwhile to think about the things we aspired to see and know in 2014, and Google has delivered that in a nice neat video package.



What did you search for this year?


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