Shake Off 2014: It Is Time.

It’s the final day of 2014, and though the scarring remnants of the year are sure to haunt you forever as you try in vain to shake them off, our “Shake Off 2014” is coming to an end. The pressure to find one last perfect cover to wrap things up with was immense, but then I realized, well, first, I’m not sure anybody is even reading these, but second, the only way to properly close out 2014 is with Taylor Swift herself. The young musician has proven to not only be on top of her music game this year, but on top of her social media game as well, luring those previously resistant to her charms (myself included) into her web with self-deprecating Tumblr posts, #TayLurking Twitter hashtags, and Instagrams that gave insight into her kookier-than-anticipated life. So here’s to you, Taylor. Haters gonna hate, but 2014 was your year.

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