Shake Off 2014: Rock Out With Amelie!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 3.46.24 PM

Rock covers of pop songs are a pretty standard fare on YouTube, but with a large quantity comes a number that are low quality. So hearing a pop song with a rock twist that’s totally solid? I’d say it’s music to my ears, but is that too cheesy? Moving on…

Amelie, a rock band from Spain, is one of those groups who has managed to genre-shift Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” into their own interpretation for everyone to enjoy.

And oddly enough, much like MiCappella’s “Shake It Off” cover, this one also involves a plane. Is there a new aircraft mandate for TSwift cover videos I missed? Whatever, I dig it. Or should I say…it’s pretty fly– nope, nope, you’re right, I shouldn’t say that.


What’s your favorite “Shake It Off” cover on YouTube so far? Comment and share!