Shane Dawson Parody Pulled For Copyright Infringement? #shanedawsonsony

Shane Dawson recently uploaded a video to his channel expressing his anger towards media giant, Sony, for pulling his Taylor Swift parody video over copyright infringement.

Now, as many entertainers know, parodies are legal and cannot be pulled over a copyright claim. Dawson said as much in his video, and when you try to access the page, this is what shows up:

Blank Spaces

Dawson stated he believed the video was flagged under false pretenses because of its implied violence towards the singer. Later on he tweeted a screen cap from an email stating Taylor Swift’s team had expressly asked for the video to be removed for its violent content, and not because of a copyright issue.

Dawson also reached out to Swift via Twitter to clarify that he did not make any derogatory remarks about Swift:

The video itself is very violent, if you search for it you can find mirror uploads of it. In it, Dawson kills his girlfriend in an Eli Roth-esque scene. He also murders a security guard, and inevitably does kill Swift. However, the violence against Swift is never directly shown.

Shortly after the release of his video, #ShaneDawsonSony began to trend worldwide, and now other YouTubers are starting to express that Sony, along with other companie,s have censored content in the past. The Fine Bros tweeted out that Sony had two REACT! videos removed.

Obviously, this is not the first time copyright claims have been used to take down unfavorable videos from YouTube. Tech Dirt has logged multiple instances of copyright claim abuse, and not too long ago YouTube released a flurry of copyright claims on videos using clips from video games in their reviews of said games.

The question is: How long will YouTube allow these claims to continue?

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