Sony Considers YouTube For Controversial Cancelled Film The Interview

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Maybe President Obama’s words had a stirring effect because apparently Sony still wants The Interview to be seen. According to The Guardian, Michael Lynton, Sony’s Chief Executive is adamant that the film studio had not caved to the hackers who have been exposing severely damaging internal company emails over the past month. But no major on-demand studios have stepped up to accept the challenge that goes with releasing the film that shows the on-screen assassination of North Korea’s dictator president Kim Jong Un.

And that’s where YouTube comes in.

Long known to stand behind risky projects, YouTube might become the vessel through which the world gets to see the James Franco, Seth Rogen comedy about two reporters tasked with killing the North Korean leader. The country has allegedly promised “9/11-style” attacks in retaliation for release which has scared away most from the project. Rogen has even hired an ex-Special Forces bodyguard to protect him in the wake of the threats. But as fellow star George Clooney points out: we (America, in particular) cannot allow dictators to censor us and our art.

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We’ll see if anyone wants their advertising attached to the movie though. This sitch might be a little heavy for Friskies.

There’s just one question left though: why not Sony-owned YouTube competitor Crackle?

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