Story Time! Why You Should Be Watching Thomas Sanders

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I meant to write a roundup of Thomas Sanders’ best Vines a week ago. But I didn’t. You know why? Because I got too distracted watching them. And watching them. And…yup, still watching them.

Thomas’s account has some of the best series you’ll find on Vine. He vines as Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin (seriously, the impersonation is impeccable). He cleverly turns disses into niceties in his “misleading compliments” series. He tricks his friends with hilarious Pokemon and Disney-themed pranks (that don’t even infringe on anyone’s rights!). And, in my personal favorite, “story time,” he walks up to random strangers and narrates their lives. The weirdest thing I’ve learned from that last one is that if you have a camera and start telling strangers what they’re doing, there’s a really decent chance they’re just going to go along with it like you’re some omniscient deity or internal conscience. Way to play God, Thomas. You’re doing good work.

I wish I didn’t have to cull this list of some of my favorite of Thomas’s vines down and could instead just link essentially all of them, but that’s not how this works. So here’s a starter pack of some of the best, but definitely do yourself a favor and go check out more afterwards. I mean, 4.5 million followers can’t be wrong, can they?? (Yes, yes they can. But in this case, they aren’t!)

Fairytales for the age of internet fandom.

Story Time with children and probably cooties.

The way we all wish we could get out of awkward situations…

For anyone who ever thought they loved Ratatouille.

A pretty accurate description of high school.

Because going to the dentist is the WORST.

Way to make waiting for the bus super uncomfortable.

Little Red Riding Hood could have been so much shorter.

This is pretty much everybody on the internet’s dream.

…and this is pretty much everybody on the internet’s reality.  

Did we miss one of your favorites? What other Viners do you loop endlessly? Comment and share!