Taryn Southern Captures True Meaning Of ‘Holiday Family Time’

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.56.45 AM
I feel like this video from Taryn Southern is kind of a trap. Either you’re like, “God, that’s funny/tragic,” or you’re like “Holy shit, this is my family, right down to the doubtlessly homeless lady cast as the grandma” (Taryn, my apologies if that is your real grandma — old age, genetically, will not be good to you).

While the “Thanksgiving” vibe might seem like it is coming in a little late, really there is this whole “holiday season” from now until mid-January, where you get stuck going to stuff like this on a weekly basis with friends and randoms. So it’s actually quite timely. Also, big props to Jason Horton for getting called handsome.

Oh and for the record: I went the “Holy shit!” route. Sigh.


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