Teen Apologizes To Trolls On YouTube, Commits Suicide

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It’s hard to think about how many cries for help must be sitting on social media right now going unanswered — or worse, being mocked. Adam Smith, a 19-year-old English teen actually posted an apology video to his tormentors on YouTube before throwing himself beneath the wheels of a passenger train.

Adam was a self-described Brony — that is, a male fan of the “My Little Pony” franchise, a frequently lampooned and targeted group on social media. A loner, who his parents described as having few-if-any friends, Adam spent his time alone in his room writing My Little Pony fan fiction which he would post to fan forums and his Tumblr page Galaxy-Stars-Universe, dedicated to his favorite of the pony clan. It was there where the internet trolls called him out for allegedly plagiarizing another writer’s story and made fun of the boy’s comprehension of English.

Adam, who suffered from learning disabilities, took to YouTube to beg his bullies not to ruin his online reputation with a video simply titled “I’m Sorry.” The trolls mocked him there too.

Shortly thereafter, he was seen crying as he walked to the railroad bridge near his home.

Another sad aspect of this story is that it isn’t a new one: Adam has been dead for months, and yet, his story is just emerging today. Even the forums he frequented are just learning of his passing.

One hopes we all learn something about tolerance and understanding in the wake of events like this, but I doubt it. Even as we speak, new videos are being made of people crying out for help and we won’t even know until it’s too late.


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