Teen Is Thrilled To Get Two Tickets From Cop


The year 2014 will likely be remembered for events that severely strained relationships between police officers and the communities they serve. That’s one reason that we’re so excited anytime we come across a clip of police doing anything that doesn’t look like b-roll footage from dystopian Hunger Games movies. 17-year old Audra Daniloff spent much of the past year in and out of hospitals dealing with a a life-threatening immune system disorder. Now that she’s on the mend her father enlisted a local cop in their hometown of Saukville, Wisconsin to give Audra a crazy surprise.

Not every dad would have his own teenage daughter pulled over by the police, but Audra seems to take it pretty well, even when she’s presented with the news that she’s getting not one but two tickets for her imaginary violation of running a stop sign. Of course she’s totally blown away when those two tickets are for a plane trip to New York City and a concert by her favorite band, Timeflies.



The video warmed even my cold, wintery heart. Next time I get pulled over I’m going to assume that I’ve won some kind of prize until proven otherwise.


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