The Collective To Close Up In Favor of CDS

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In the war over mainstream Hollywood vs. YouTube, chalk this one up firmly as a win for YouTube. Music management group The Collective, headed up by CEO Michael Green, which manages superstar acts like Linkin Park, Slash, Godsmack, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland and Staind, has decided to close down so that Green can concentrate on running his YouTube-based multi-channel network CDS.

On CDS, the superstars have names like FPSRussia, Lilly Singh (Superwoman), Fred, Mamrie Hart and The Annoying Orange. And used to have names like Sam Pepper.

“The management company was our path to content creation and now that we’re there, it makes sense to double down on Collective Digital Studio, which is where our future is,” said Green. “With our long-time client Linkin Park ready to take on their own management, the time was right to do this.”

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Green already shuttered the film and television wing of the Collective’s entities in 2013, so with the closure of music, his focus is now entirely on the future of digital content creation — which speaks highly of his belief in the future of the industry.

And lest you say, “Hey once Linkin Park announced they were leaving The Collective, this guy had no choice but to shut it down or risk ending up touring country fairs with that ragtag band of yesteryear celebrities and one-note blips on the pop culture radar!” Just know that Adweek declared CDS 2014’s hottest digital creation studio.

Gaze upon your demise, Kelly Rowland!

Gaze upon your demise, Kelly Rowland!

Also, with 250 percent company growth since February, CDS is going to be around a while.

So there.


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