The Fine Brothers Announce Upcoming Teen Comedy Movie


Everybody on social media seems to be getting into the teen comedy business, and The Fine Bros are no exception.

It was announced today that Benny and Rafi fine will be partnering with Big Block Entertainment Group to write, direct, and produce a film about high school and its cliques. Not much else is known about the film yet, though producers say it will likely see a digital release when the time comes, rather than theatrical.

With Shane Dawson’s recent comedy Not Cool and the upcoming high school-based Expelled from Viner Cameron Dallas and a teen-aimed high school reunion comedy starring Smosh, it seems like this is the genre online stars are targeting for breaking into more traditional media. Hey, they know their audience.

The brothers previously announced that they are adapting their YouTube series “Kids React” to a TV show for Nickelodeon and already have a 13-episode order. Is their plan domination? Possibly. Only time will tell.

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