The Five Best Musical Christmas Flash Mobs On YouTube

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Look, you hate flash mobs, I hate flash mobs — they were done to death years ago. Right? Wrong! Flash mobs are coming back — but only for Christmas. Flash mobs ought to be a Christmas-only type thing — it’s when we want this sort of magic stuff to happen. The rest of the year we’re like “Christ, get it over with so I can get back to hating my parents.” But on Christmas, we want to see seemingly spontaneous acts of merriment and glee. We’re probably even more stressed out and full of blinding hatred during the holidays, but stuff like the following five videos have a way of breaking out the yuletide joy in even the biggest Scrooge in all of us. So here to help you with taking a break from the abyss that is mall shopping or airports this time of year, NMR has the five best flash mobs of Christmas. It’s no secret that we also wanted to emphasize the military for this list because those men and women could use some extra cheer. Good work, all.

5. British Army Shows Up At Mall

The red suits really makes this military band POP.

4. Hallelujah Chorus Shows Off At Mall

A great song done the way it was meant to be performed: by surprise.

3. USAF At Smithsonian 2014

Good, but they did it better a year earlier.

2. WestJet Christmas Flash Mob

… and to all a good flight!

1. Air Force Band Performs At the Smithsonian 2013

First year is best year.

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