The Four Best Force Awakens Lego Trailers On YouTube


Stars Wars? I’m interested. Legos? You’ve definitely got my attention. Combine the two? Marry me! Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Lego animations (because I’m a giant child at heart), and nothing in recent memory has made me feel like a kid again quite so much as the new Star Wars trailer. So bringing the two industries together is a sure way to win me over. It took YouTuber and Lego animator SnooperKing less than 24 hours to recreate the Force Awakens trailer frame for frame out of our beloved interlocking blocks. He was the first, but certainly not the last. Apparently Star Wars and Legos are the peanut butter and chocolate of the internet, they taste even better together. Here’s our quick countdown of the best Lego Star Wars trailers on YouTuber.

SnooperKing snatched the crown by getting his video out less than a day after the original trailer dropped. This video has already been viewed over 2 million times, and at least half of those were just me cackling with delight.



The gang at Final Feature dropped their trailer a little later, but threw in some fancy VFX work to spice it up a bit and I have to admit: I’m impressed.



For precision and detail, my hat’s off to ZachFB Studios for their perfect recreation right down to the soaring Millennium Falcon.


Finally, this Lego trailer from The Red Layer isn’t based on the trailer that dropped last Friday but rather on a fan-made fake trailer that hit the web back in October. Still I admire their dedication and frankly this sounds like a movie I’d want to watch.



Lego animations are one of those unique art forms that couldn’t have flourished without YouTube. There are definitely more Lego trailers out there and more to come. Feel free to share your personal favorites.


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