The NMR Top 100 YouTube Channels: 100 – 76!

The NMR Top 100 showcases what we believe to be, in the nine-year history of YouTube, the best channels that have ever existed. Our Editorial and Production staff came together and worked through a list of (in our opinion) the Top 100 Channels.

After a long and exhausting editorial council, we’ve ranked this list, factoring in Artistic Merit, Longevity and Consistency, Cultural Impact, and Innovation within the YouTube space. This also takes into account the Context of when these channels were releasing videos (as some channels are no longer updating, or some web series have completed their run).

Without further ado, we present #100 – 76:

NMR Top 100 PSD 100 - 76 FINAL

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Our release schedule for the remainder of the Top 100:

Tuesday, December 30: #75 – 51


Wednesday, December 31: #50 – 26

Thursday, January 1st: #25 – 11

Friday, January 2nd: #10 – 5

Monday, January 5th: #4 – 3

Tuesday, January 6th: #2

Wednesday, January 7th: #1

Share this list to the world and hop in the comments below! Who do you think should be #1?

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