The NMR Top 100 YouTube Channels: 50-26!

Day 3 of our continuing NMR Top 100 release: Many of these YouTube stars have been with us for a long time, and a few of our entries are no longer active, particularly our scripted series which have ended their runs. We’ve got plenty of award winners and contenders in this group, and we’re proud to show off our list of #50 – 26:

NMR Top 100 PSD 50 - 26 FINAL

Our release schedule for the remainder of the Top 100:

Thursday, January 1st: #25 – 11


Friday, January 2nd: #10 – 5

Monday, January 5th: #4 – 3

Tuesday, January 6th: #2

Wednesday, January 7th: #1

Be sure and check out the rest of our countdown!

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