The Vlogbrothers Scoop Up Some Cash Selling Brain Scoop


Big news from the business side of YouTube today as Hank and John Green’s production studio Vlogbrothers Productions has announced the sale of one of their most popular channels. The Green Brothers will hand over the reins of Brain Scoop, currently the most popular museum channel in the world, to the Field Museum in Chicago Illinois. In a statement announcing the sale Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green praised the museum for its making a serious investment in science communication.

Since its premier in 2013 Brain Scoop has racked up more than 9 million views over 105 fascinating videos featuring items and exhibits from The Field Museum’s vast natural history collection. Brain Scoop has already been operated by The Field Museum for over a year under a licensing agreement with Vlogbrothers Productions. Emily Graslie, the producer of Brain Scoop who developed the channel in collaboration with Michael Aranda and the Vlogbrothers team, is already the Field Museum’s designated Chief Curiosity Correspondent. The Museum will now take ownership of the channel outright in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money.

Brain Scoop is proof of the diverse content that can succeed on YouTube if correctly managed. The Field Museum is one of the first institutions of its kind to reimagine its core mission and purpose by thinking digitally. According to a statement from Hank Green, over 45% of views for the Brain Scoop channel come from outside the United States, putting the Museum on the leading edge of institutions who have taken their collections to a global audience by embracing online video.

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