The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/1/14


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Monday, December 1st, 2014

Star Wars has taken over the YouTube charts over the weekend with the newly released trailer and trailer parodies taking over the top three spots on the YouTube top twenty. The trailer itself was bumped down to number two by YouTuber TimTimFed who lampooned George Lucas’ penchant for unnecessary embellishments with “Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas’ Special Edition” which imagines all the additional CGI enhancements the notorious director might add to the 90-second trailer. At number 3, another YouTuber, lego artist SnooperKing hit the chart with his frame-by-frame recreation of the trailer in Lego.

Reality star and model Kendall Jenner also hit the charts today. The recent Dazed and Confused covergirl teamed up with the British style mag to recreate the infamous Mean Girls burn book scene using nasty social media comments about her modeling career. Personally, I’ve always felt like Kendall was more of a Regina George than a Cady Heron — not that that’s a bad thing. Speaking of Mean Girls, the film’s creator Tina Fey and resident cool mom Amy Poehler both made an appearance on the charts today in a short video announcing their return as hosts of the 2015 Golden Globe awards.

YouTube mainstays The Fine Brothers, Bad Lip Reading, and Roman Atwood all held onto their spots in the top 20 over the weekend, and they were joined by The Slow Mo Guys whose newest release “Electric Bug Zapper In Slow Motion” climbed to number 18. Of course the return of chilly weather means the return of “Let It Go” videos, not that they ever really left. Today’s dose of Frozen mania features a family dog howling along to the viral Disney hit. Rounding out the charts were the usual Late Night clips from Jimmys Fallon and Kimmel, both of whom are masters of producing a ‘tube worthy bit.

#1 Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas’ Special Edition – TimTimFed

#2 Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – J.J. Abrams Movie HD – MovieClips Trailers

#3 Lego Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer – SnooperKing

#4 LeBron James Serves The Sweet No-Look Dish To Irving – NBA

#5 Waking Up Our Puppy To His Favorite Song “Let It Go” – Brittany Boll

#6 Kendall Jenner’s Burn Book – Dazed

#7 Ennis Scores On An Amazing No-Look Backhand Shot – NHL

#8 Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Sing Holiday Parodies of Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Nikki Minaj – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#9 Aimee Meets Ed Sheeran – The Late Late Show

#10 More Hunger Games – A Bad Lip Reading of Catching Fire – Bad Lip Reading

#11 Blowing Cash Prank!! Honesty Test – Roman Atwood

#12 Quintavious Johnson Sings The National Anthem – Leon Carrington

#13 Golden Globes 2015 – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Back! – NBC

#14 Random Acts Of Pasta – 1800Tribe

#15 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Elders React: Gaming) – REACT

#16 Art of Wrestling – Episode 226 – CM Punk – The AJ Universe

#17 Jurassic World – Official Trailer – Universal Pictures

#18 Electric Bug Zapper In Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

#19 Ken Burns Presents The First Black Friday –Jimmy Kimmel Live

#20 7 Harmful Things Flying Does To Your Body – BuzzfeedBlue

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