The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/15/14


NMR is constantly monitoring the YouTube charts, tracking what’s on the rise and who’s falling out of favor. Our Daily Top 20 gives you the 20 videos that are reigning supreme at the top of our charts so you can stay one step ahead of what’s hot.

Monday, December 15th 2014

Saturday Night Live is taking a turn at the top of the charts today with a timely mashup of The Hobbit and The Office. SNL is a regular feature on the YouTube Top 20 but the long-running sketch show doesn’t often claim the number one spot. In second place is Apple, with a touching ad meant to remind us that Apple isn’t just a massive multinational consumer electronics conglomerate, it’s a massive multinational consumer electronics conglomerate with heart!

Further down the charts today looks to be a pretty mixed bag with movie trailers, found footage and Christmas music taking charge. Angelina Jolie reveals that even she can suffer from mortal afflictions like the Chicken Pox in a video from Universal Pictures explaining why she’s taking time off from promoting her new film Unbroken. Arianna Grande continued her ruthless assault on Mariah Carey by releasing her own catchy Christmas jam “Santa Tell Me.” Like “Santa Baby” before it, the track follows the grand American tradition of equating father Christmas with a romantic partner instead of a jolly spirit of generosity. Footage of three different but equally remarkable events also took center stage today as clips of some epic cloud cover in the Grand Canyon, an equally rare tornado in Los Angeles, and a time lapse of thousands of protestors taking to the streets for justice in New York all trended into the top twenty.

The trailer for the latest installment in the Divergent series Insurgent held strong on the charts for the third day in a row. Star Shailene Woodley delivers some of the best “jumping off of things” and “jumping through things” acting of the year. Speaking of YA book-to-movie trailers, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Rihanna star in a parody trailer for MoonQuake Lake, a movie that looks so bad I’m surprised that Sony Pictures isn’t actually making it.

Finally, there are a ton of YouTubers on the top 20 this morning , but they’re all in the same video! The Piano Guys teamed up with Peter Hollens, Shay Carl, Devin Super Tramp, and American Idol alum David Archuletta, and many more for a cover of “Angels We Have Heard On High.” The song was produced alongside a record-breaking Nativity scene, the world’s largest with over 10,000 people participating.

#1 “Hobbit Office” – Saturday Night Live

#2 Apple – The Song – Apple

#3 Millions March NYC (Time Lapse) – Vinay Pulim

#4 Get That Shoe Out of Here –NBA

#5 MoonQuake Lake – Sony Pictures Entertainment

#6 Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Stage Demo – Capcom Fighters

#7 A Message From Universal Pictures About Angelina Jolie – Universal Pictures

#8 Santa Tell Me – ArianaGrandeVevo

#9 Over A Thousand People Spent 10,000+ Hours Making This Christmas Song. It Will Give You Chills! – The Piano Guys

#10 Tornado In South Los Angeles – December 12, 2014 – HiveyJivey2

#11 Yours And Mine – Beyoncé

#12 Grand Canyon Total Cloud Inversion: December 11, 2014 – Grand Canyon NPS

#13 Bill Nye Explains Evolution With Emoji – The Watercooler

#14 Unveiling The Birdbox Christmas Card – Birdbox Studio

#15 Seth Rogen – My Boss Has Massive Balls – TMZ

#16 Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer –The Divergent Series

#17 Jamie Foxx Is Eric Bishop –The Late Show With David Letterman

#18 Blackhack – Official Trailer 2 – Universal Pictures Ireland

#19 Kimmel Kartoon – Prison Wives and Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#20 Pitbull Is Terrified of Pineapple – Jolene Creighton

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