The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/19/14


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Friday, December 19th 2014

Weird Al is at the top of the charts today, which is both totally bizarre and also kind of appropriate. Al Yankovic has been doing his weird thing for decades — even before the rise of YouTube, but it’s hard to imagine a celebrity more perfectly made for the platform. We’re tempted to call Al an honorary YouTuber, but there are already too many actual YouTubers owning the charts today, so he’ll have to just settle for the number one slot.

Minecraft superstar Stampylonghead came in at a solid number two today showing off the lastest updates to Minecraft for X-box. He’s joined by frequent top 20 contender ASAPscience at number 3. The top twenty is highly informative this morning with videos from Mental Floss, Veritasium, The ASAPScience, Minute Earth, GCP Grey, and the PBS Idea Channel all earning a place in the rankings.

News also took a big bite out of the top 20 today, unsurprising given how eventful a week we’ve had. The Young Turks coverage of the Sony hack fallout landed at number 9 as the embattled studio opted to cancel the release of The Interview in response to terrorist threats. Meanwhile the President announced that the US would normalize diplomatic relations with the long embargoed island nation of Cuba and BBC news investigators went inside a Chinese iPhone plant uncovering the systematic abuse of works still taking place there.

#1 The Mysterious Floating Orb – Alyankovic

#2 Minecraft Xbox – Title Update 19 – A Lovely Surprise – Stampylonghead

#3 Are You Sitting Too Much –ASAPScience

#4 Jenny Slate Sings “Landslide” As Marcel The Shell – CONAN on TBS – Team Coco

#5 Camp Winnipesaukee w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#6 Amazon Prime Now – One Hour Delivery – Amazon

#7 Why Do We Eat Spoiled Food – Minute Earth

#8 Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained – CGP Grey

#9 Sony Cancels Release Of “The Interview” After Hacking – The Young Turks

#10 Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Documentary HD – Movieclips Trailer

#11 The Most Radioactive Places On Earth – Veritasium

#12 16 Innovative Origins of Holiday Traditions – mental_floss – List Show (Ep. 237) – Mental Floss

#13 The Voice 2014 – Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars: “Uptown Funk” – The Voice

#14 Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb – JHU Applied Physics Lab

#15 Indiana Bones – Raiders Of The Lost Bark – Final Cut King

#16 President Obama Delivers A Statement On Cuba – The White House

#17 Parks and Recreation – The Final Season (Sneak Peek) – Parks and Recreation

#18 Convos With My 4-Year-Old – EPISODE 7 – “Shopping” – Convos With My 2-Year-Old

#19 Coffee, Mesmerism, and Morning Routines | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios – PBS Idea Channel

#20 Apple Accused Of Failing To Protect Workers – BBC News

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