The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/22/14


NMR is constantly monitoring the YouTube charts, tracking what’s on the rise and who’s falling out of favor. Our Daily Top 20 gives you the 20 videos that are reigning supreme at the top of our charts so you can stay one step ahead of what’s hot.

Monday, December 22nd 2014

Our favorite YouTubers must be taking the week off because it’s primarily repurposed TV clips that are dominating the charts today. Claiming the top spot is Saturday Night Live with a cold open that features returning star Mike Meyers. Meyers revived his infamous Doctor Evil character, familiar from the Austin Powers franchise, to poke fun at both sides of the Sony hacking scandal. Apparently the character still has enough appeal to drive that clip all the way to number one.

Further down the list YouTuber Markiplier delivers a touching video to acknowledge hitting the 5 million subscriber milestone. A clearly emotional Mark looks back on his time on YouTube and the opportunities he’s gained thanks to his growing audience. It’s always uplifting to see a great creator succeed and it’s even more moving to see a genuine expression of gratitude for the fans who make it possible.

Further down the list late night shows continue to put in a strong show with both Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson claiming their places in the Top 20. Fallon contributed a bit in which frequent guest Nick Offerman reads an abbreviated version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Now that Parks and Recreation has filmed its final episode we’re accepting bets on how long it will take Mr. Offerman to remember that he is not, in fact, Ron Swanson. For his part, Craig Ferguson secured a space on the countdown with a heartfelt farewell to the audience of his long-running Late Late Show. Ferguson is leaving his often off-the-wall 12:35 am talk show after more than ten years.

Closing out the top twenty is a lengthy interview with frequent feud starter and very occasional rap album releaser Azealia Banks. Banks sat down with the crew from Hot97 to talk about her career, her differences with her label, and her ongoing Twitter campaign against fellow hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea. Banks has repeatedly bashed Azalea for failing to weigh in on black social issues including recent racial violence and for her appropriation of what Banks considers a black musical form. The interview has sparked social media debate music fans and social justice advocates about the responsibilities of artists in the genres.

#1 Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open – Saturday Night Live


#3 Needs To Be Said – Markiplier

#4 Beats By Dre Presents: The PinkPrint Movie – Nicki Minaj

#5 Seattle Airport One Man Band At Christmas 2014 – Matthew Morris

#6 President Obama On Seth Rogen, ‘James Flacco’ Movie – Les Grossman NEW OFFICIAL CHANNEL

#7 Life In The Mariana Trench – Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen 

#8 Amber Rose Twerking On Chris Brown At Supper Club LA – SocialMedia1TV

#9 Guys Kiss Guys For The First Time – Buzzfeed Video

#10 Craig Ferguson – Last Monologue – The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

#11 Inside the NBA – Cypher Edition – OMGTaters

#12 GoPro: Backyard Wakeskate with Dieter Humpsch – GoPro

#13 Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Teaser Trailer – CallOfDuty

#14 Drone vs Kangaroo – NewZulu

#15 Nick Offerman Reads”Twas The Night Before Christmas” – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#16 Astronaut’s-Eye View of NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Re-entry –ReelNASA

#17 Sony Interview scandal: Rogen, Franco and Kim Jong-un set the whole thing up – Taiwanese Animators

#18 Can You Follow This Beat – BrainCraft

#19 Eddie Redmayne Had His Sexual Awakening During The Lion KingThe Graham Norton Show

#20 Azealia Banks Goes Off on TI, Iggy + Black Music Being Smudged Out –Hot97

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