The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/3/14


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Wednesday, December 3rd 2014

YouTubers are taking the charts by storm today, mostly by showing up in unusual places. Miranda Sings found herself in the number one spot on YouTube this morning, but maybe not the way we would have expected. Miranda was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show alongside recent collaborator Jerry Seinfeld. The pair played a game of Pictionary against Fallon and comedy legend Martin Short but Miranda predictably stole the show. Speaking of YouTubers in strange places, Pewdiepie also landed a spot on the countdown with a trailer announcing his upcoming appearance on South Park. Pewds will lend his distinctive voice to a cartoon alter ego for an forthcoming episode of the raunchy animated comedy.

The number two spot belonged to YouTube creator and activist Anita Sarkeesian of The Feminist Frequency. In her latest video, Sarkeesian takes on the invisible benefits of male privilege in gaming. Sarkeesian’s content has been a major rage trigger for anti-feminist elements of the gaming community. Despite an organized campaign of harassment that has included doxxing and threats of violence against herself, her family, and at least one university where she had been invited to speak, Sarkeesian has continued to post video content. The performance of her latest offering proves that there is significant interest in her work despite the backlash.

Other YouTubers taking to the charts today include cover artists Us The Duo and both Green Brothers. Us The Duo delivered a roundup cover of the top songs of 2014. Song mashups have become a time honored end-of-year tradition and the chill stylings of Us The Duo are the perfect way to kick off the season. Meanwhile, both Hank and John Green saw their latest educational projects rise to the top of the charts. Hank’s SciShow and John’s latest episode of Mental Floss both made the list with John coming in two notches above Hank at 16 and 18 respectively.

Closing out the Top 20 today is a 30-second video of actor Tom Cruise not getting hit by a bus. The star stepped somewhat blindly into London traffic only to jump back to the curb as a double decker bus barreled forward. Presumably Cruise was warned of the danger by his Xenu-granted space radar powers…or by the aggressive honking of the bus horn. We may never know.

#1 Pictionary with Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and Miranda Sings –The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#2 25 Benefits of Gaming While Male – Feminist Frequency

#3 “Joel, the Lump of Coal” by The Killers & Jimmy Kimmel – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#4 South Park’s Biggest Celebrity Cameo…Ever – South Park Studios

#5 How To Remove Your Mustache – Mehdi Sadahgdar

#6 3 Hours Of Walking Around Stereosonic As Steve Aoki – Jarrad Seng

#7 Russell Brand on the New Era Estate Rent Row – Channel 4 News

#8 Barry The Pug In The Tub – David Stanton

#9 New Era Reporter Row: What’s The Agenda? Russell Brand The Trews (E202) – Russell Brand

#10Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes – Us The Duo

#11 The Voice 2014 Top 8 – Damien: “Someone Like You” –The Voice

#12 Sneak Peek: Better Call SaulAMC

#13 “Forever Don’t Last” (Official Video)- Jazmine Sullivan

#14 A (RED) THANK YOU – Presented by BANK OF AMERICA- Red

#15 Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 TD passes, Ryan Fitzpatrick smart son steals post-game show –News Beat

#16 16 Holiday Life Hacks – Mental Floss

#17 Dog Fetch Fails – Tastefully Offensive

#18 Why Does Spicy Taste ‘Hot’ and Minty Taste ‘Cool’ – SciShow

#19 Apple iPad Air Plus / iPad Pro: Size Comparison To Other Apple Devices (Mockup) – Canoopsy

#20 Tom Cruise Nearly Hit By London Bus While Crossing The Road, Tom Cruise Avoids Bus Accident –NewsVids247

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