The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 12/5/14


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Friday, December 5th 2014

The full release of the Terminator: Genisys trailer is predictably sweeping the charts this morning. After releasing a teaser yesterday, the complete trailer hit the internet full-force, promising everything you’ve come to expect from the Terminator franchise: explosions, time travel, morphing metal robots, unorthodox spelling, and the former governor of California scowling up a storm. It’s all good fun and the internet is loving it. Further down the list, a Target manager gives his team a Black Friday pep-talk inspired by the movie 300, begging the question, why isn’t this dude going on tour instead of #AlexFromTarget?

A country-themed campaign song for Hillary Clinton’s inevitable run for president landed at number four, leaving me with MANY questions. But before I could fully tackle all of them, I was faced with an even more important musical quandary: Why has Taylor Swift not yet recorded Billy Eichner’s apex-Swift jam “Glitter and Ribs?” Billy reprised his pop-classic-in-waiting on Conan last night landing at number eight on the countdown. Other than those two questionable bops, it was all Christmas music all the time. Lady Gaga continued to hold Tony Bennett hostage in America’s longest running case of elder abuse, forcing her captive to perform another festive duet at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, landing at number 11. Meanwhile an isolated track of Mariah Carey’s failing vocals at the ceremony landed at number 5. Elsewhere, Arianna Grande was seen chanting over a pile glowing runes as she siphoned the last of Mariah’s powers.

While the day may have belonged to the Terminator, Star Wars is still alive and well on the top twenty. Filmmaker Jonah Feingold reached number six on the chart with his Wes Anderson-ized version of the trailer, complete with a jaunty French mid-century pop soundtrack. Not to be outdone in the twee department, YouTube staples ASAPScience rolled out their bouncy “Science Love Song.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t all light-hearts and good vibes in the Top 20; Vice News delivered some raw coverage of the protests that erupted in New York following the Eric Garner grand jury decision and singer Alicia Keys released the haunting “We Gotta Pray,” a clear response to the recent spate of police violence and racial tension.

#1 Terminator: Genisys Movie – Official Trailer – Terminator Genisys

#2 Portland player fakes handshake, steals ball, dunks it – Joe Kuffner


#4 Stand With Hillary – Stand With Hillary

#5 Isolated, unedited vocals of Mariah Carey’s awful holiday performance – B*tchriah

#6 Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer – Jonah Feingold

#7 Jessie J – Bang Bang Live ft. Demi Lovato Live – San Jose, CA – [HD]- Lovatic Dude

#8 Billy Eichner’s Song For Taylor Swift – Team Coco

#9 Slow Jam The News: Immigration (w/ Brian Williams) – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#10 Kemba Walker Breaks Mirotic’s Ankles – NBA

#11 Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett | “Winter Wonderland” | Christmas In Rockefeller 2014 –TheRobotCinema

#12 UAB Football Players in Disgust #FREEUAB – Braylon Rumph

#13 How An Engineer Uses Tinder – James Befurt

#14 “We Gotta Pray” – Alicia Keys

#15 Introducing The No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA – Google Webmasters

#16 Playstation PS1 Theme on PS4 – New Startup Sound – Ray Palafox II

#17 How British Was Your Christmas –Anglophenia

#18 “The Science Love Song” –ASAPScience

#19 Raw Coverage: The Eric Garner Protests In New York –Vice News

#20 Ar Mariah Carey – “All I Want For Christmas Is You” | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Christmas Cover – Ten Second Songs

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