Throwback Thursday: Christmas Present Fails!

Christmas Morning is the most anticipated moment of the year for a lot of children, but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. This Throwback Thursday features some Christmas mishaps that will remind you to approach gift-giving with care.

Evan DeSimone

One thing that people with children like to do is to give those children presents. One thing children like to do is not understand things either because their brains are not fully developed or, as I have long suspected, out of spite. These parents clearly put some thought and care into preparing a surprise for their kids on Christmas. True to form, the kids are more interested in the box than they are in the trip to Disney World that they clearly don’t deserve. Ugh, kids.

Jeff Klima

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Jimmy Fallon has provided a wonderful boost to YouTube. The two hosts are eager to be the lone king of Late Nite virality. As a result, we get amazing gems like this video collection of kids reacting to getting horrible Christmas presents. It has the dual effect of providing me joy why the kids are briefly scarred and their parents feel a sort of schadenfreude. Join me in taking delight with none of the guilt.

Christine Linnell

A little girl demonstrates her new flying fairy toy next to the fireplace and learns an important lesson about air dynamics as the doll floats straight to its fiery death. (If you feel like a dick for laughing, the clip ended up winning a prize on “America’s Funniest Videos.”)

Rachel Kiley

There’s nothing like getting a dog as a kid and having it seem to hate you. To be honest, if I were Lester, I’d hate these screaming children, too. The kids don’t seem too bothered by Lester’s standoffishness, and the dad reported back in the comments that they all get along fine now, so that’s a relief. But, for the future, pro tip/common sense — if you get a new pet, don’t say hello for the first time by screeching at it repeatedly.

Carrington Walsh

So this mother tries to give her three kids the wonderful gift of a trip to Disney World. But, little does she know, her kids really don’t want to go. They’d much rather go Dick’s house. This is probably my favorite present fail because why is Dick’s house cooler than Disney World?