Throwback Thursday: F*ck It, We Wanna See Puppies

Ever had one of those days where all you want to do is shut your brain off and watch dog videos on YouTube? Yeah, us too. You’re welcome.

Sara Parra

Okay, so dogs howling is pretty much the least cute thing that they could do. It’s loud, it’s squeaky, it hurts the ears. However, this Alaskan Malamute’s first howls are an exception. She’s so freaking cute trying to be a big, bad dog that the howling is almost excusable.

At one point it doesn’t even sound like howling and more like trilling because she’s so young that her vocal chords aren’t solid just yet. Still instincts take over, and puppy becomes wolf in the process.

Christine Linnell

I love this dog. I would probably briefly date Guitar Playing Dude just so I could hang out with his dog. (Just kidding, Drew Arcoleo. But I mean, y’know. Call me.)

ETA: Further inspection revealed that this is actually his friend’s dog. Deal’s off, Drew.

Cat O’Grady

If you know HelloDenizen, it’s because you’re one of the lucky people who’ve seen hamsters eating tiny human dinners. Fortunately, that’s not all they do. They also have some great videos of dogs in costumes. For those of you who have a dog, you know that it can be hard to get them into a costume, much less keeping them in a costume. HelloDenizen gets that, and they use it. While this isn’t as good as Thorgi, it’s a pretty great compilation. My favorite is the doberman as a cheerleader. I love cute things that could kill me.

Evan DeSimone

Generally speaking I’m just not that big a fan of cute animal videos. No judgement, I just can’t seem to get interested in cats falling off of things or videos where two different kinds of animals pal around like old friends, it’s just not my thing. So if you’re going to show me a video of an adorable dog, you had best be dressing that dog up as a giant spider first. That’s what the pranksters of SA Wardega did in their huge viral video earlier this year.

The “giant mutant spider dog” is my kind of prank. It uses the dog’s natural friendliness and attraction to people to totally freak everyone out. If this had happened to me I would have instantly died of twelve simultaneous heart attacks because spiders are the worst, but since it happened to someone else I’m totally cool with it. Not only is this a perfect throwback, it might just be THE prank video of 2014.

Rachel Kiley

He’s a dog with a box on his head.


What’s your favorite dog video? Tell us in the comments! Seriously, keep ’em coming, we could do this for hours.