Throwback Thursday: Funny Holiday How-Tos!

We may act like we know how to get through the holiday season in one piece, but let’s be honest, we’re probably faking it at least half the time.  To help you out, here are a few holiday do’s and don’ts from the weirder side of the internet.

Rachel Kiley

There’s a part of me that realizes how strange it feels for there to be a Mamrie Hart holiday how-to video that doesn’t involve/isn’t about drinking, but then I realized it’s pretty much implied at this point. So grab a glass of whatever you want and check out this tutorial — excuse me, toot-orial — on how to create the ugliest ugly Christmas sweaters for those traditional parties that have come to require them. Ain’t nobody make an ugly sweater like Mametown makes an ugly sweater, that’s for damn sure.

Christine Linnell

Recently NMR had a company party with far too much alcohol for the number of people present. Which, of course, seems like the opposite of a problem to me, but I was startled to realize that some of the guests (CARRINGTON) were too young to drink and preferred not to, even though they totally wouldn’t get caught because we wouldn’t tell anyone, we swear. With such tragic young people in mind, here’s some valuable advice from Alexis G Zall on how to survive being a minor at a holiday party.

Jeff Klima

An important part of holiday how-to’s is also how-not-to’s. And so for this TBT video sesh, I decided the best clip I could feature was this one of Elaine from Seinfeld dancing at her office party. Do not do this. Even with copious amounts of alcohol. If you want to conserve your last shred of respect at the holiday Christmas party, no matter how fun, no matter how infectious or drunk you are feeling: Do. Not. Dance. Unless you’re D’trix.


Share these tips to your friends and family, because Christmas is literally a week away! Nobody panic!