Twofer Tuesday: Collabs We Wish Existed

Collaborations are wonderful things — in fact, we wish more YouTubers would find new and creative ways to team up together. Here are some of our fantasy collabs that don’t actually exist, but totally should.

Jeff Klima



In the spirit of the forthcoming Odd Couple TV show, I’ve decided that I want to see an “Opposites Attract” sort of thing for today’s collabs on Twofer Tuesday. I want someone who is a total control freak — think Onision here — to be paired up with someone who is totally out of control and insane … like HowToBasic. Imagine Onision trying to use his forced brand of weird while HowToBasic just ruins shit in the background? It would be amazing. Onision would get so angry in his banana suit. I am now certain: this collab must happen. I’ll reach out to Onision, the rest of you need to figure out how to get ahold of HowToBasic. I suggest you start looking in your garbage disposals. If there are ground up eggs and bits of plastic baby dolls, you’re on the right track.

Evan DeSimone

Start with:

Then add the secret ingredient:

Collabs are the bread and butter of YouTube and honestly, it’s hard to find a combo that hasn’t already come together, but after much deliberation I think I’ve stumbled upon the most necessary of all YouTube team-ups yet to happen. Close your eyes and visualize a collab featuring the always amazing Hannah Hart and rising comedy superstar Hartbeat. It’s a natural pairing between two rad ladies with ties to YouTube’s comedy and LGBT scene. In fact, the combo of Harto and Hartbeat is so unstoppable they should probably just skip the single collab and team up for an ongoing series: Two of Harts. The Stacey Q classic would would make a great theme song. You can thank me later.

Sara Parra

I’d like to see some of this:

Combined with YouTube’s queen of comedy, Grace Helbig.

There’s something I desperately love about comedians flipping the script and revealing the darker nature that lurks inside. A great example of this was Robin Williams in “One Hour Photo” and while the movie wasn’t the best, Williams’ performance was amazing. I think that Tony Valenzuela, as a director, can bring out the darkness in anyone’s heart and I would kill to see what he could do with Helbig and what kind of amazing performance she would bring to table.

It would be awesome.

Carrington Walsh

Let’s start with a little of YouTube’s most iconic rap group…

And mix it with one of the weirdest rap artists in the game right now…

And the product is sure to be amazing. The Lonely Island is crazy enough as it is, but with Riff Raff, the possibilities are endless. Imagine The Lonely Island adopting some of Riff Raff’s hairstyles and fashion for the collab. Andy Samberg in neon pink cornrows: every girl’s dream. It’d be like having four Riff Raff’s in one video! It’d be amazing! Or, as Riff Raff would say, “MORE AMAZiNG THAN VERSACE.”

Rachel Kiley

An episode of this:


This may seem a little unorthodox, but think about it for a good solid minute. Let it seep into your consciousness. An episode of the horror show with a modernized twist, but starring everyone’s favorite bae, Miranda Sings. How would that even GO DOWN? Confusingly, that’s for sure. But I would like it very much, please and thank you.

And okay, yes, Sara did BlackBox too, but there was a failure to communicate between us and it’s too late to turn back now. Maybe that can be the next episode. Where nothing you say on the internet can be deleted dun dun dunnnn. Oh wait, that’s just the internet.

Christine Linnell

Guys, I’ve got it. A new literary web series from the makers of this:


YouTube star and comedian Shane Dawson, known for his hilarious celebrity parodies, stars in Pemberley Digital‘s adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He puts his impersonation skills to good use by playing all the characters in costume. Also, it’s a road trip buddy comedy sponsored by Toyota. Just go ahead and put my name on next year’s Streamy for Best Comedy; it’s in the bag.


What collabs would you love to see happen? Let us know in the comments!

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