Twofer Tuesday: Flula Collabs!

When it comes to collaborations, DJ Flula seems to be everywhere. From the channels of all the major YouTubers to a cameo appearance in Pitch Perfect 2, if there’s wacky singing going on, it probably involves our favorite German musician. Here are a few classic examples to brighten your day.

Jeff Klima

Let me set a scenario for you: one small car, one mixing board, two microphones, Flula, Miranda Sings and Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations.” If you haven’t already stopped reading to check out this video there might be something wrong with you. I would watch Flula and Miranda do pretty much anything — even eat hotdogs, but somehow including the music of a Wahlberg just takes it all up a notch.

I can’t stress this enough. Fill out your organ donor cards now so that people can benefit when your head f**king explodes from all the delightful weirdness.

Christine Linnell

Whether you’re an over-eager dork, a surly anti-social type, that weirdo in the back seat who won’t shut up or some bizarre combination of all three (such as myself), this collab between Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig and Flula has something for you.

Sara Parra

Of all of Flula’s collaborations, the one I didn’t expect was this behind-the-scenes team up with SmarterEveryDay to create the most horrifying slow-motion video I’ve ever seen.

Rachel Kiley

The most unlikely Flula collaboration of all? Or the most inevitable? It’s hard to say. But it’s undoubtedly the best. DON’T QUESTION IT.

Carrington Walsh

This Flula collab is not one from his channel, but instead from Turquoise Jeep’s channel. Yes, the guys whose big YouTube hit was the “Lemme Smang It” music video. Regardless of the fact that this may be the weirdest music video in existence, Flula kills it on the track.


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