Twofer Tuesday: Odd Couples!

Sometimes different personalities are just weird together — but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining as hell when they get thrown together on camera. This week’s #TwoferTuesday features some of our favorite “odd couple” collaborations.

Evan DeSimone

This may be considered cheating since pretty much any couple is an odd-couple if one part of the pair is Miranda Sings. Still I think this collab deserves some special attention. As we all know Miranda has high moral standards and Hannah Hart certainly isn’t living up to them. The My Drunk Kitchen maven get’s a dressing down in this video for her boozy lifestyle and it’s absolutely the best awkward thing you’ve seen today or any other day. Enjoy.

Christine Linnell

Kingsley hires a maid service to clean his apartment and gets Hartbeat’s alter-ego Michellé thinking he wants an escort service. Wackiness ensues.

Jeff Klima

Did you ever think you would see a collaboration between Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Joey Graceffa and Ricky Dillon? Really anything with Miranda Sings could be considered an odd coupling, but this group seems so out of left field, it bears special mention. Miranda hits ‘em all with one of her special prank calls, FTW!

Don’t expect to see this group together again any time soon.

Sara Parra

You cannot talk about collaborations without talking about Flula at least once. Hell, we even spent an entire day talking about how Flula is THE collaborator extraordinaire. However, throughout all of his videos, I couldn’t find one that didn’t fit….except for this one. Whenever a YouTuber includes their parents it’s always adorable, and usually in a vlog or in a video outside of their brand. Flula on the other hand, has his father playing the accordion and his mother driving. Their non-reactions to their son’s music making and revelry seem like such a massive contrast to Flula’s own pumped up nature. To me, it’s odd, it’s fabulous, and it make for a solid Seven Nation Army cover.

Rachel Kiley

I’m not entirely sure this counts, but it’s strange enough to me that I have to include it. Mike Tompkins and t.A.T.u. collaborated on this song that was supposed to be the female Russian duo’s comeback, but which quickly devolved into their (presumably) final split. Now, I can’t read Russian (though I can sing along to the Russian version of t.A.T.u.’s early works quite…adamantly, at least), but it seems to me that this video was quite possibly sponsored by a cardboard company, as pretty much everything that happens is constantly ensconced in cardboard. The weirdest example being Mike Tompkins’ beatboxing heads. But, you know, it’s t.A.T.u., it’s weird, what else would you really expect? And yes, this video is in Russian, but any TRUE t.A.T.u. fans know that eventually they stopped releasing songs in English and we’ve had to learn how to just become accustomed to experience them in their native tongue. It’s still great. Oh, and Mike Tompkins is great, too. He’s the YouTube. (But no, really, he is. Keep in mind this is also the guy who collaborated on this epic Pitch Perfect video. Living the life, Mike Tompkins. Living the goddamn life.)


Any other weird collabs we’ve missed, or ones you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!