Twofer Tuesday: Top YouTube Duos!

We love it when two people team up to run a YouTube channel together. It’s like a two-for-one sale. Plus you get to see all their weird relationship quirks play out on screen for your entertainment. Here’s a list of some of YouTube’s top duos. Who are not John and Hank Green. We assume you’ve already heard of them.

Rachel Kiley

With our “favorite duos” theme for today, I have to go the musical route and choose Karmin. Sure, they’ve got their Vevo channel, and that’s really great and all, but personally I much prefer all the goodies they post on their original channel. Plenty of music videos, plenty of covers if you go back in time, and lots of assorted vlogs and behind the scenes posts. I very often find myself just getting stuck in a vortex going through all my favorite videos of theirs. It takes awhile. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But hey! They make good vids! So…there’s that.

Jeff Klima

The best duo on YouTube for my money? Easy. LivePrudeGirls. Milana Vayntrub and Stevie Nelson, the two best buddies who life ever hitched together, non-biblically. These two actresses might not even like each other offscreen — for instance: when did you ever see Stevie in one of Milana’s AT&T commercials? But from their time together on LivePrudeGirls including their fantastic show Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting, these girls were born to be on-screen together. And dating me offscreen. Yup, both of them. At the same time, Oh and they both know about each other. Yeah, it’s crazy.

Christine Linnell

Meet Camille and Kennerly aka The Harp Twins — identical blonde harp-playing sisters who dress in sexy costumes and cover songs by Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Lady Gaga. If this performance of “Stairway to Heaven” on classical harps in a giant mansion while wearing angel wings isn’t gobsmacking enough for you, wait until you see them strap on electric harps and rock out to Ozzy Osbourne in front of a vintage train engine.

These girls regularly hit one million views on their videos and you’ve got to respect that, but this is seriously the weirdest YouTube hole I’ve fallen into in months. I feel like I dropped acid and watched a Doublemint Gum commercial.

Sara Parra

This theme couldn’t have come at a better time, since I’ve been binging on the vocal stylings of Lennon and Maisy. Now, sadly the channel has gone neglected since the girls went to work on the TV series Nashville, but they just uploaded their music video for their Christmas single, released just a week ago.

Easily one of my favorite covers from this harmonizing duo is their cover of Robin’s Call Your Girlfriend, which admittedly is the most well known of their videos, but has also the most original use of the Cups beat that I’ve ever seen.

Carrington Walsh

Without a doubt, my favorite channel with two personalities goes to JacksGap. Everything from their indie filmmaking to their funny vlogs makes this channel awesome. I had the biggest crushes on Jack and Finn Harries during my first couple years of high school. I mean, honestly, is there anything better than two gorgeous, British twins? Seriously, Jack and Finn, HMU.

Of course, the best thing about their videos is the sibling rivalry. We all hate when we’re in the midst of an argument with a sibling, but watching sibling rivalry from afar has always been so funny to me.


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