Vine Stars ‘Us The Duo’ Score Recording Contract, NMR Scores Their 7 Best Vines

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Us the Duo, the singing Vine couple who is set to pop up on The Today Show, well, today, has been on the cusp of blowing up huge for a while now. The married couple, Michael and Carissa Alvarado, had their viral YouTube vid grab over 5 million views earlier this month when they covered the Top Ten Pop Songs of 2014 in 2.5 minutes:

And they’ve already signed a recording contract with Republic Records. Yeah, like we said: they’re good. But before they get too famous, we wanted to present you with a list of their best Vine videos, which naturally, we’ve ranked.

7. Deck the Halls

We’re tired of Christmas but we’re obsessed with Burt’s Bees. So there you go.  

6. Pimping “No Matter Where You Are” for Book of Life Film

Damn, this is such a cool look.

5. The U.S. Tour Ends

Aww, sad to see you go, love to watch you leave. Woot woot!

4. Chandelier

Our favorite song of the year made more favorite by Us the Duo — even if only for six seconds.

3. Singapore TV

Damn, you tricked us!  

2. 2-Year Anniversary!

Aww, the only thing better than music is love!

1. The Wedding!

Can’t Vines last a little longer? Just this once …


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