Vlogbrothers’ Project For Awesome Returns To Fight ‘World Suck’

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What’s better than a sexy lady robot who can beat up your enemies? How about getting rid of “World Suck.” That’s the stated goal of Project For Awesome, the annual “telethon” put on by the good folks of YouTube. Correction: that’s the good folks ON YouTube. Naturally, Hank Green is a co-founder (somebody build this f**king guy a statue already!). And the other cofounder is someone named John Green (I bet these guys don’t even take shits apart).

Doing a 48-hour telethon with many, many YouTubers taking part, the Project For Awesome will also have its Indiegogo tie-in so fans can donate while Jenna Marbles wears an American flag unitard and dances with a hula hoop, or whatever people do during these marathon charity things.

“The Project for Awesome is more evidence that online communities are real communities and they come together to make real change,” said Hank. “To date, we’ve raised over $1 million for charities all around the world and our goal is to go above and beyond that figure this year through another successful fundraiser on Indiegogo.”

Some of the swag being given away (this is supposed to be charity, people! You aren’t supposed to be motivated to donate by promises of swag!) includes special “The Fault In Our Stars” memorabilia and free content from DFTBA records and other Green-associated merch. Man, those Vlogbrothers sure know how to synergize.

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The Project For Awesome webcast lifestream thingee will begin on Dec. 12 at 12pm EST on www.projectforawesome.com! We should also mention that if you want to submit a video about a charity you support, go to Project For Awesome’s website between the 12th and the 14th to upload it. It’ll probably get some airplay before or after Jenna Marbles’ hula hoop thing and can, if voted upon, receive some of the $500,000 Project For Awesome is hoping to raise this year.


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