Watch Sony’s The Interview On YouTube Today

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 9.41.35 AM

Okay, finally we have some answers in what the hell is happening with Sony’s The Interview — turns out, it’s a lot of different things. One of those options is a release today in a few hundred movie theaters across the country. Another? YouTube. As we mentioned earlier about Sony considering YouTube as an option for the Seth Rogen/James Franco film about two reporters tasked with assassinating North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, now it’s apparently an imminent reality.

Of course, YouTube doesn’t always mean “free.”

Available on the site in the same way as several less controversial movies, starting at 10 am PST today, you will be able to pay $5.99 to stream the film or $14.99 to buy your own HD digital copy. Your other options are paying for it through your Xbox, going to a dedicated website and finding it in your Google Play store. Or you can jog out for the theatrical release if you live near a major American city.

The question is: now that we know the ending and ALL of Sony’s issues/thoughts with the movie, will people still flock to it? And will North Korea make good on its sort of “9/11 x 1000” threats? I guess we’ll see if this Sony leak makes for the world’s best marketing campaign in a few short hours.


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