We Have Flying Jetpacks, Are You Happy Now?


There is possibly no joke more basic than the tried and true “It’s 20XX, why don’t we have jetpacks yet?” This is the pumpkin spice latte of jokes, the Lauren Conrad for Kohls of jokes, Adam-Sandler’s-entire-movie-career of jokes. What I’m saying is this joke is deeply tired and that’s why I’m thrilled to report that it’s finally obsolete. Yves Rossy is a former fighter pilot and Guiness World Record holder and as this video proves, also basically the Rocketeer. In a scene worthy of Iron Man 3 Rossy performs a coordinated aerial routine wearing a jet propelled flying wing. Between this and the hoverboards I think we can safely agree that the future is now.



So that’s it okay. We have jet packs. Are you happy now? Are you satisfied? Let’s lay that joke to rest and just move on.


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