What’s The Weirdest News Story Of 2014?


2014 was a banner year for weird-as-hell viral news stories. The sheer number of stories that made us go “huh” was through the roof. Clearly such a landmark year deserved to recognized, celebrated, and cataloged for history, and who better to do the job than the expert team at #News. That’s why we’re pleased to present what you should definitely call the most important award show of 2014, the First Annual Newsy Awards. Hosted by the heinously handsome Gabe Hohreiter and the alarmingly enchanting Anais Fairweather, the Newsies recognize the best and brightest in weird-ass news.

In 2014 we had to cope with everything from #AlexFromTarget to Renee Zellwegger’s new face, and none of us are ever going to be the same. (Especially Renee, I mean have you SEEN her FACE?!) We need to come together, we need to heal, we need to get ready for all the weird shit that’s going to happen in 2015. So relax, take a calming breath, and celebrate an epic year in weird news.


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