When Did YouTube Become Inception?

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I found myself in a strange place today on YouTube … no, it wasn’t that Dancing Queen of Hearts guy, but it was still pretty damn odd: I found myself watching an advertisement so I could watch an advertisement. And after that, there was the ability to watch more advertisements, doubtlessly prefaced by other ads. If one isn’t careful, one could fall down a hell of a rabbit hole.

When did YouTube get like this?

The ad that lured me in was some goof about a nerd wanting to get his knob licked. Doritos, in their annual quest to discover the best components for a “winning” Super Bowl ad, used the following words to entice me: “Man’s Face Licked By Girl.” Deciding that I was the kind of person who needed to know what that was about, I jumped in with both feet. I then spent a laborious five seconds wading through an ad that didn’t have any facelicking only so that I could skip the rest of it to get to the ad that did. I don’t even remember what the ad I got tricked into watching was about, that’s how pointless it was.

But what kind of a world have we grown to accept when we’re willing to watch advertisements for advertisements? I guess I shouldn’t be shocked … after all, people have been paying out the ass to advertise for Nike since the ‘80s.

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