Why A Viral Dog With A GoPro Video Could Change Your World

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Possibly the smartest use of a GoPro since DevinSuperTramp did his incredible rope swing video, newly popular YouTuber Mike the Intern has affixed the mini camera system to his dog to see what it does when he leaves the house. It makes viral videos is what it does, Mike. With over 2 million views already, this dog is only just beginning to gather attention. But it’s also becoming a revelation. The real reason this video is getting attention is because of how much it reveals about the human/pet dynamic. Our pets miss us when we go — and it isn’t just a little smattering of anxiety before a nap. As Mike the Intern has revealed, his dog goes into full-on crying jags in the absence of a human presence: news that could revolutionize the way pets are managed.

Even as you read this, companies that deal in pet technology are doubtlessly brainstorming ways to not only assuage the anxiety your dog or cat feels when you leave the house for Slim Jims, weed or yoga, but to make millions and billions of dollars off your guilt over this. And you do feel guilty now, admit it.

The video, titled “What My Dog Does When I Leave the House,” is part of the growing trend that involves using YouTube to reveal sociological experiments — science isn’t just for industry journals anymore, even the common intern can make use of the medium. Strapping a GoPro to a pet (hardly a new idea) has revealed a whole other business niche in the guise of spying (or would that be vice versa?). How long before televisions become equipped with video cameras so that the government can spy on you you can talk your pet off a ledge while you are at work? It’s coming, people.


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