Why We’re Glad Jessi Smiles is Vining Frequently Again


It’s difficult to pay any attention to Vine and not know Jessi Smiles.

Whether she’s talking at the camera or filming a skit with a friend, Jessi’s humor often resides in going from charming and sexy to crass or mischievous in that quick six-second timeline. And it works for her. With 3.4 million followers and over 250 million loops, she’s made quite a name for herself (both as a hilarious lady and as a singer).

2014 has been a year of sporadic vining for Jessi, but as the year comes to an end, she seems to be picking up frequency again, often collaborating with friend and fellow Viner, TheGabbieShow. And thank goodness for that! The world is a less funny place without her videos, no doubt.

If you haven’t caught Jessi’s vines before, we’re here to help you amend that. Starting off with just a handful of reasons why we love them, and her.

She points out the perils of blindly following YouTube makeup tutorials.

She gives the best advice about how to deal with your friends who have babies.

She understands the difficulties improved technology has brought with it.

She can sing!

She knows the dangers of letting your friends meet the person you’re interested in.

She flips people off. A lot. It’s refreshing.

And hey, once you’ve watched all these and perused her Vine account to your satisfaction, she’s also got a YouTube channel for you to check out! Boy, it sure is your lucky day.  


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