Women Creative Wednesday: Christmastime is Here!

Because it’s Christmas Eve, we thought we’d use #WomenCreativeWednesday to reflect on the holiday as it should be done: with humor, sarcasm and plenty of booze. Enjoy.

Evan DeSimone

For today’s Christmas themed #WCW we looked for videos from the leading ladies of YouTube that contained heartfelt messages about the true meaning of the season. The women of YouTube have a lot to say about family, generosity, and thankfulness. Obviously I’m not into any of that. Instead, I found this video of Grace Helbig getting drunk with her brother and talking about…nothing really. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me a little second-hand tipsy. It’s Christmas Eve and my family is already here and frankly I needed this today. May you also achieve drunken harmony with the people who share your DNA this holiday season. Happy Christmas.

Jeff Klima

Did I ever tell you how much I love Shanna Malcolm? I have? Well then, let me tell you how much I love her at Christmastime. Santa Shanna has been giving away swag this holiday season — a time period she calls Christmahknukwana. Of course, rather than call her video that, she just terms it “Put my face on your titz.” That’s my girl.

Rachel Kiley

When I think of Christmas, I think of drinking. When I think of drinking, I think of Jenna Marbles, if only because I’ve been watching her for much longer than I’ve been watching Grace or Hannah or Mamrie. Wow, a lot of women on YouTube spend their videos getting drunk. I dig it. Anyway, fortunately, Jenna has a video about putting up a Christmas tree while drunk. And, you know, being that she’s drunk, there’s a lot of rambling on about various things about the holidays and it’s pretty much what you want from a Jenna Marbles video. Happy holidays, kids.

Christine Linnell

“I’m single, you’re single … we’re doing f**king fantastic, right??” If a dickheaded ex-boyfriend has ruined your chances of a warm fuzzy holiday season this year, Akilah Hughes is here for you with this hilarious tutorial on how to work through your rage and disillusionment by baking Christmas cookies alone.


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