Women Creative Wednesday: Haul Videos!

It’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for your loved ones. If that idea gives you a stab of panic, don’t worry — the latest batch of haul videos on YouTube should give you ideas for everyone on your list. This week’s Women Creative Wednesday features our top picks for the holidays.

Jeff Klima

DisneyCollectorBR (now called DC Toys Collector, prob because she didn’t want to be limited to just Disney stuff — or, more likely, Disney threatened to sue her living ass off for using their name), as far as I’m concerned, is the coolest haul person of them all. She plays with toys, entertains children, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) a year and she doesn’t have to deal with the arduousness of celebrity. She’s just a pair of hands and a pleasant accent, doing what she loves. She is the perfect embodiment of “Do what you love and the money will come.” I bet she would still make her channel if it made zero dollars. She just likes playing with toys — and I can relate to that. My toys are all related to the hobby of “sounding” though. Spongebob’s foot is of particular interest.

Christine Linnell

When I need to buy gifts for people, I go straight to the bookstore — an actual store when I can manage it, but virtual bookstores work too. It might make me predictable, but since there are always new books and related items to suit almost anyone, it’s a sure bet. This haul video from Australian book blogger Catriona aka Little Book Owl has some nice options, including This Shattered World from The Starbound Trilogy and some painfully adorable bookmarks from Etsy.

Evan DeSimone

Amy Dallen of Geek and Sudnry has amazing taste in comics and geek related paraphernalia. That’s why, despite the fact that I adore her, I sometimes have a hard time watching her videos. As a recovering comic book addict I find her spot on recommendations extremely triggering and my wallet can’t handle a relapse. Still, I took a chance on her most recent video because I have a lot of geeky friends and a mediocre track record for gift giving and I knew that Amy would have some pro tips.

As usual, I was not wrong. Amy’s suggestions are spot on even though I’ll probably end up keeping them all for myself. Since I started writing this article I’ve already ordered those back issues of Guardians of The Galaxy and I’m currently contemplating whether I could pull of that Captain Marvel sweater (it’s technically for woman but I think I could rock it). I highly recommend checking out this video for your holiday shopping needs and all the rest of her videos for your “living a better life” needs.

Sara Parra

Emma Pickles is a great UK beauty blogger who not only has fantastic style haul videos every month, but also kindly gives away some of her loot to her fans. Also a ringer for Katy Perry, Pickles has awesome tutorials. While she doesn’t have her December videos up just yet, I’m looking forward to what she’s got going on!

Carrington Walsh

LeighAnnSays is right. We all love Target. And what’s better than Target? Target during the holidays. Leighann took to Target to find the best holiday goodies in her newest haul. My personal favorite is her Grinch Christmas sweater. (I have a passion for Christmas sweaters.)

Rachel Kiley

I was halfway through writing my post for #WCW when this video dropped. Obviously, I immediately knew I had to write about this instead. NANCY RODER IS BACK! If you’re unfamiliar with Nancy, she’s Taryn Southern’s socially awkward alter ego who will, at this point, likely never get her braces off. Today, she’s here to tell us about the best sexy Secret Santa gifts you can buy at the dollar store with the help of everyone’s favorite German DJ, Flula himself — who seems to be Nancy’s latest crush. Uh oh. Watch out, Flula! She may buy you more…plastic handcuffs…

Anyway, if you’re anything like Nancy (and let’s be real, there’s a good chance we all are), use this as a great jump off point for things you…should buy your crush? Shouldn’t buy your crush? Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure what to tell you. But art is for interpretation and some people consider YouTube art, so go interpret!


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