Women Creative Wednesday: New Faves!

Putting together these list articles has allowed us to discover (or re-discover) some pretty amazing YouTubers over the last year. For Women Creative Wednesday, here are some women who have caught our attention in the best way.

Jeff Klima

You know who is someone I had no idea existed until 2014, but I’ve just discovered? Jenna Marbles. I expect big things from her in 2015 — perhaps some wry commentary on belly chains or an expose on her dogs pooping habits. I know what you’re thinking: Jeff, you’ve been around the YouTube scene for a long time now, how can you JUST have discovered Jenna Marbles? You know what I think it is? I have that thing from the movie about the guy who can’t make new memories. Memento. Yeah, that’s it. If you haven’t discovered this sweet, brash entertainer who is definitely an up-and-comer yet, well, you my friend missed out on a lot in 2014. Don’t make the same mistake I did — subscribe and subscribe fast.

But seriously, I have really made an effort to get to know Jenna as a vlogger this year — usually I just use her channel for tabloid-style fodder, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I dug on Jenna’s vibe. Hopefully that continues in 2015.

Christine Linnell

I must confess, I did not expect to like Alexis G Zall at first. I only discovered her because we were putting together a list of YouTubers with their pets and I stumbled across Alexis’ video of her evil demon cat trying to kill her — and I was grumpy that afternoon, so my first reaction was “Ugh, TEENAGERS with their PERKINESS and their METABOLISM” (I don’t know). But she quickly won the whole office over, or at least the part of the office that appreciates snark and attitude combined with great comedic timing. She has a bright, sarcastic future ahead of her and we’re eager to see what she does next.

Sara Parra

Doddleoddle is certainly not new to the YouTube space, as a matter of fact she’s been making videos for about three years on the platform that show off her damn near manic-pixie-dream-girl-esque personality. I recently discovered her through Twitter and went ahead and addictively watched every video she has to offer. If you’re having a rough day, Doddie is definitely someone you should check out.

Rachel Kiley

This may be cheating, but Chris immediately claimed Alexis and she’s probably the only YouTuber I’ve watched this year and liked who I wasn’t already watching. I’m very picky about YouTubers (and humans in general, etc.). So I’m going to ditch reality (boo, reality) and go the fictional route here, listing my favorite female YouTuber I discovered this year as Laura Hollis. I just watched all of her vlogs (aka the scripted Season 1 of the new show “Carmilla” this past week, but I’m totally sold. And Laura (played by Elise Bauman) as a vlogger is actually completely solid. She’s funny, she’s engaging, and she’s authentic. Impressive for, you know, a fictional character. A+ vlogging, fake human Laura Hollis, keep it up. Five stars, would watch more, best vlog-style web series.

Evan DeSimone

I’ve discovered a lot of amazing creators over the last year. That’s just one of the many benefits of being a professional YouTube watcher. However among the many creators whose work I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know one stands out. Akilah Hughes, who I originally discovered through her hilarious Twitter account, is a gifted comedian with a knock for sharp socially conscious comedy. In addition to the excellent work she does on her personal channel, the brilliantly named Smoothie Freak, Akilah is also a writer and video producer on MTV where she’s created even more hilarious content. Overall Akilah has been one of my favorite YouTubers of 2014 and I thoroughly expect for her to blow up in 2015 so familiarize yourself now and get ahead of the curve.


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