Women Creative Wednesday: Rant Edition!

Being ladylike is completely overrated — especially for whip-smart women who can launch into glorious angry rants when the situation requires it. This week’s #WomenCreativeWednesday focuses on some of our all-time favorite smackdowns, covering everything from social justice to bad wifi connections.

Sara Parra

My first interaction with Hilah Johnson was on Project Rant screaming about ketchup. She easily became one of my favorite actresses on the now defunct channel, and I was more than happy to follow her to her own YouTube cooking channel. While her new stuff is rant free, I still go back and watch through for a good laugh.

Evan DeSimone

There are only a handful of things in this world that I take seriously. One of those things is wifi and another is the complete works of Grace Helbig. So when we were asked to pick our favorite lady ranters for today’s #WomanCreativeWednesday I knew it was the perfect chance to take a look back through the archives of one of Grace’s greatest series, “Grace and Mitchell Rants.” These videos featured known woman Grace Helbig and non-woman but still ok dude Mitchell Davis ranting on a viewer choice topic. I chose the topic of “Bad Wifi” because, as we have already established, I love wifi. So here is that video. Watch it with your eyes.

Christine Linnell

I know Throwback Thursday is tomorrow, but when I think of epic rants from women on the internet, my mind goes straight to this classic Jenna Marbles video. With a little less comedy and a lot more profanity than usual, she tears into the “nice guys finish last”/”hot girls only like douchebags” myth and challenges guys to have more self-awareness about why women might not want to go out with them. I don’t always agree with Jenna’s point of view, but she knocked this one out of the park.

Jeff Klima

As soon as I heard Chris was covering Jenna Marbles’ “Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last” rant for our WCW topic, I knew I had to showcase a YouTuber dropping some life experiences about the hard reality: there are very few “nice guys” out there. Like less than whatever number you’re thinking. There are a ton of guys that act nice because they are too shy to articulate what they really want, and there are guys who act nice because they think it will get them what they want, and there are even guys who act nice because that’s how they’re told to act. Watch the movie “Fight Club” (since it was already on my mind today), it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about so-called “nice guys.” Or you can watch this beautiful rant by YouTuber Amy Young that is called “Nice Guy Moves” That Are Not Really Nice Guy Moves.

Carrington Walsh

I love Tina Fey. She’s my queen. And this is by far my most favorite rant by her. In this segment from Weekend Update in 2008, she discusses women’s news. Yes, the Lindsay Lohan news is quite outdated, but hold out for Tina’s glorious rant. She finishes her “Women’s News” segment by ranting about Hillary Clinton and why we should all vote for her. It’s super funny, but it also holds a great message.

Rachel Kiley

When I hear “YouTubers” and “rant,” I immediately think of three people with the utmost glee: JennaMarbles, Grace Helbig, and Superwoman. I love listening to all of them rant, and I was not enjoying the thought of having to choose between them. Fortunately, I was the very last person to get around to this assignment and Chris and Evan had already called Jenna and Grace, so I had the pleasure of searching through Superwoman’s videos for a rant I loved. And it was a hard choice. She has so many good ones. And they’re so freaking funny, even when they’re legit and serious. But I went with this one because it’s an important topic (somehow, still, even though we’re in the 21st century) and her sincerity and humor make a great blend. And now I’m going to go watch more — tell it like it is, Superwoman!


Are you worked up enough yet? Send us some of your favorite ranty videos in the comments!