Women Creative Wednesday: Very Serious Makeup How-To’s

If you think that watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is like watching paint dry (or liquid eyeliner, as it were), this list is for you. For this week’s #WCW, we’ve rounded up some beauty tips from ladies who take the whole makeup thing very, very seriously.

Sara Parra

Gabrielle Hanna of The Gabbie Show does a fantastic job of creating a solid overall natural look in every video she’s in. So, after dozens of requests she kindly filled us in on how she manages to look flawless without the appearance of too much makeup.

Yes, I know, the video is very blurry but it’s natural to make mistakes isn’t it?

Christine Linnell

Perfect your eyeshadow technique in a few easy steps and enjoy a scathing takedown of the #GamerGate controversy with this great tutorial from Taylor Adele Smith. In fact, open a bottle of wine and spend an evening perusing her channel. After all, confidence is sexy, but not nearly as sexy as feminist snark.

Rachel Kiley

Back in the day, when Grace Helbig was better known as DailyGrace, she graced us (haha, get it? GET IT?) with a sexy holiday makeup tutorial. So what better time to bring that back then during the holidays? Capitalizing on the fact that red is often considered the most festive color for the winter, Grace takes what she’s learned from other beauty gurus and combines it with her own knowledge and skill to show you how to prep your face for some mistletoe shenanigans your kissing companion will certainly never forget.

Jeff Klima

I am sort of protesting the choice of WCW’s beauty vloggers because there aren’t any who offer videos on how to make me look like a badass and makeup free guy who hasn’t showered in three days. If they can’t relate to me, how can I relate to them? So with that mindset on lockdown, I chose this video from Kristin Sanders. She doesn’t have the most views or subscribers, but she really looks like she knows what she’s doing in the makeup department. I’ll bet there’s a follow-up vid where she teaches about the importance of concealer.

Cat O’Grady

A few weeks ago, Evan wrote an article on Akilah Hughes, at which point I went through all of her videos and watched as many as I could that same night, and I have a new favorite channel. Witty, clever, and never shy of handling the serious topics, Akilah never fails to make me smile. Akilah is a self-described beauty guru, in the same way that any of us who have put on makeup once a week for over ten years can be called makeup gurus. Her everyday tutorial shows us the skills that all girls cultivate — how to slap stuff on your face until you look good.

Carrington Walsh

While Anna Akana is not a beauty vlogger, her makeup tutorial is great because, while being absolutely hysterical, the video highlights something that I believe. We’re all beautiful, regardless of whether there’s makeup on our faces or not. And, of course, her face looks amazing by the end of the video.


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