Write a Hit Christmas Tune With Brett Domino

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Music master Brett Domino is back with yet another how-to for creating hit pop songs. And, being timely and whatnot, the topic is Christmas.

So how DO you create a chart-topping holiday tune? Brett thinks it’s pretty easy, and that you, really, should already know. But if you don’t, he’s here to help AND show you his own Christmas creation that will undoubtedly sell millions on iTunes.

Think you can write a hit now that you’ve got Brett’s wisdom guiding you? Better hurry, the holidays are creeping up on us! If you still need a little more help with how to craft the perfect song to win over charts and hearts, you can check out some more videos in his series below.

What would you call your holiday song? Why must these songs start playing so far before Christmas even happens? Has it ever made you want to bang your head against a wall? Share.