YouTube’s 10 Biggest Videos Of The Year Are …

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Look, it’s really too early for end-of-year lists. It’s sort of an avalanche effect: once you do one end-of-year list everybody is doing all sorts of them and it stays that way well into February. I don’t like it, but considering that every other website on Earth is going batty for putting out the list of YouTube’s biggest videos of the year, I feel like if we wait til the proper time (right around Dec. 20 -Dec. 31), everyone will have already spent their load. So, unfortunately, because everyone else has started their end-of-year lists early, we are forced to indulge in the trend or risk looking like we came late to the party.

Fortunately, NMR has an ace in the hole when it comes to end-of-year lists (besides the fact that the numbers are available all year long — hell, I’m going to start releasing end-of-the-year lists in June just to be the trendsetter): we covered most if not all of these videos back when they were fresh. And so now, with the list of Top 10 more or less set (unless someone, usually an airline company, pulls off a last-second Christmas miracle), we can determine whether or not we were correct in our estimations.

10. 10 Hours Walking In NYC As A Woman — StreetHarassmentVideo– 37,730,852 views

What we said then: “I’d be terrified for a tasty piece of ass like myself to rollerskate the sidewalks of the Big Apple in my gold lamé hotpants.”
What we say now: I can’t believe this socially fascinating video isn’t higher up this silly-ass list …

9. Goku vs. Superman — ERB — 41,242,261 views

What we said then: “Is there a more coveted/beloved channel in all of YouTubedom than Epic Rap Battles of History? I think not.”
What we say now: (TEASER ALERT!) Just wait ‘til our list of NMR’s Favorite 100 Channels Of All Time comes out …

8. Devil Baby Attack — DevilsDueNYC — 49,063,280 views

What we said then: I know I reviewed this video, but I can’t for the life of me find it on the site.
What we say now: The ad was far more memorable than whatever the hell film it was promoting.

7. SuperBowl “Puppy Love” Commercial — Budweiser — 53,752,867 views

What we said then: “With 24,000,000 views and counting, the beer company has once again trotted out their famous Clydesdales and paired them with an adorable dog in order to melt your ice heart.”
What we say now: I called my beloved Broncos winning the Super Bowl all throughout this article back then. Now I can’t even watch this video without cringing.

6. Bars & Melody — Britain’s Got Talent — 57,148,587 views

What we said then: /
What we say now: We didn’t review this because it’s treacle — it was then and it is now. People like kids waaaay too much. That being said, these boys are a legitimate talent and will have a big career unless one –or both– of them gets weird.

5. iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test — Unbox Therapy — 59,537,257 views

What we said then: /
What we say now: Apparently we covered every aspect about this phone and its launch — including stupid other videos, but not this one. Our bad.

4. Nun Singing — TheVoiceofItaly — 66,451,550 views

What we said then: “We can’t wait to see what she has coming down the pipeline.”
What we say now: Eh, gimmickry. I count 66 million assholes. The other 451,550 of you are pretty cool.

3. First Kiss — Tatia PIlieva — 94,604,350 views

What we said then: “It makes me want to fall in love over and over and over again!”
What we say now: Even though it came out these were 20 models and therefore it was less spectacular, it’s still neat to capture that awkward-yet-amazing moment.

2. Winner Stays — Nike Football — 99,347,864 views

What we said then: “Not one of our 5 Amazing Videos To Get You Psyched For World Cup.”
What we say now: It’s not even our favorite soccer video of the year — f**k this shit.

1. Mutant Giant Spider Dog — SA Wardega — 114,680,901 views

What we said then: “Damn is this dog scary when its not being cute.”
What we say now: I can’t believe this is number one. In a year with interesting social experiments, savvy advertisements and humans doing amazing shit, this is what people found to be the best, most interesting thing online in 2014? Okay, I guess I have a lot to learn about this planet. Spiderdog, spiderdog …


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