Zealot Networks Acquires Majority Stake In AdRev Parent, AudioMicro

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Zealot Networks, the Danny Zappin-helmed company specializing in media and entertainment has made a major acquisition — and it’s a doozy.

Acquiring a majority stake in AudioMicro, Inc., the parent company of AdRev, Zealot has just significantly increased its abilities in the arena of distribution, monetization, licensing and creation of video, photo and music content. AdRev, according to the release, “annually pays out more than $10 million in royalties to its partners and recently ranked as the #2 fastest-growing media company in the U.S. based on actual revenue growth over the past three years.”

Zealot is determined to keep operations running business-as-usual with AudioMicro and AdRev, right down to continuing AdRev’s guidance under CEO and Founder Ryan Born.

“Partnering with Danny, an industry pioneer with vision and proven execution, means further expansion and growth for our company,” said Born. “Expect us to continue to provide industry-leading rights management products and services as we bring new monetization opportunities to our clients and rights holders.”

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Terms of the sale were not disclosed other than Zappin joining AdRev’s board of directors. While the sale was just announced today, already Zealot has big plans for the company.

“We’re building an innovative business model for a new media company – thinking about it from the digital point of view. Nothing we’re doing is bound by traditional models,” said Zappin. “AdRev has created a whole new model for monetizing music, video and photo rights and will support Zealot as part of an infrastructure for managing a multi–vertical, multi-platform network on YouTube and beyond. The company will be at the core of our Music + Entertainment ecosystem.”

Zealot Networks is the parent company of NewMediaRockstars.

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