11 Signs You’ve Watched Too Much “Marble Hornets”


For those of you who are unsullied, “Marble Hornets” is an alternate-reality series that follows a young man named Jay as he watches through several tapes left to him by his friend Alex. They were shot during the production of Alex’s student film. As Jay watches, each tape reveals a disturbing series of events and Jay gets caught up in all of the action.

Spanning over 92 episodes (not including the accompanying content from the secondary channel “totheark”), the series is pretty easy to binge-watch in just a couple of days. However, it may have some unintended consequences.

For example, you may find yourself playing “spot the Slender” in found footage films that have nothing to do with the series:

Found Footage

You’ve started distrusting your own memory just a little bit and wonder if you’ve lost time.

Who am I

If you spot this symbol in public, it immediately strikes both fear and curiosity in your heart.


You’ve begun stockpiling tapes, even though you don’t have the camera for it. Just in case, you know?


You’ve decided to take it upon yourself to decode all “totheark” videos yourself because you think everyone missed something 5 years ago.

The sound of static starts to bleed into your offline life, despite there being nothing around you capable of making the sound.

TV Static

You start wearing a body camera. Hey, they’re cool and no one will notice, right?


Abandoned building in the middle of the woods? Nope!


The Jabbawockeez are no longer entertaining to you


That moment you think someone’s behind you, happens a lot more often.


God forbid you actually run into a tall guy in a black suit.


Not today

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